Now available for Android devices.

In-flight access to weather data via mobile optimised datalink.

AirborneWeather is the only aviation weather app that is purpose built for in-flight use. Its highly optimised mobile datalink technology allows delivery of METAR and TAF weather reports to the cockpit while airborne.

Intermittent periods of mobile service and weak signal strength are exploited to allow weather delivery at altitude, thanks to a proprietary UDP-based datalink technology, background retrieval service and intelligent data retrieval prioritisation.

NOTE: AirborneWeather is currently in private beta testing by invite only. The current beta version only supports METAR retrieval as a proof of concept for the datalink technology.

Future beta versions of the app will add support for TAFs, rainfall radar, and lightning strike data.


Optimized Datalink

Proprietary UDP data transfer protocol and background connectivity service exploits temporary connectivity and poor signal strength.


Real time access to METARs and TAFs, with downloads intelligently prioritized according to flight plan progress, nearest airports, and user configured priority list.

Datalink Mapping

Mapping and analysis of airborne datalink performance, signal strength, cell count and network generation by altitude.

Weather Radar

Coming soon – weather radar display.